A History Of Car Pool Tables

Christina Utegaard


Hello everyone and welcome to our blog!  If you're here you are most likely already aware of what we do, which is, essentially, crafting the artisan and unique Car Pool tables that we are now known for all around the world, but what you probably do not know, is how it all started.  So as a bit of a dive into our history, I've decided that this is exactly where we should start, at our first pool table, the very beginning of our story.

   Car Pool Tables was born in the year of 2008 as just a wild sort of idea, a whim if you will, a conversation between two men of something that would be cool, but probably impossible to carry out.  Nothing more than a daydream that most people would shelf as an impossibility.  Founders Tony Utegaard and Ben Mallah, however, were not your usual dreamers, and what started as a "what if" in a basement office soon became a brainstorm session and quickly moved into actual research, planning, and schematics.

  The first prototype, as with all our new table models, was made from the body of a whole real car.  Starting with a Poppy Red 1965 Ford Mustang, the vehicle was cut apart, shortened to regulation pool table dimensions, and welded together.  It was an immense amount of work and was very heavy and extremely expensive to make, but with it, a company was born.  This brand new table was later taken apart, and molds were made out of fiberglass material (like a real Corvette or boat) from all the car parts so that it could be replicated more easily.  Those molds were then moved to an actual body shop and painted with the authentic colors of the era and finished with the real chrome car parts, working lights, and tires specific to the 1965 mustang model.  This exterior was married with an heirloom-grade professional pool table, made with 3-piece Brazilian slate, championship felt, and all solid hardwood.

Originally called Mustang Entertainment, Car Pool Tables managed to start in an economic downturn and sold it's first pool table ever in 2009, and it has been going strong ever since.  Today we carry 5 different car models with endless options for personalization, have shipped to 29 countries around the world, and have been featured by huge voices such as The Wall Street Journal ( CNN Money ( The Telegraph ( and many others.  

We are so thankful for how far this company has come, and for our faithful customers who have made this dream into a reality, and we are extremely excited to see all that this year has to bring!  We will be keeping you posted on more of our future plans as well as giving some insight into our company and story here, so please click that and subscribe button so you can join us on every step of the way! Also, email us and let us know what pool table you think we should create next!






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