What Happens When I Order...

After your new Car Pool Table is complete and ready for shipment (6-8 weeks, depending on the car) it is carefully packaged in two large wooden crates built on wooden pallets for easier transport. 


Your new pool table is shipped by over-the-road trucking and delivered directly to your home, business, or game-room. For international orders we can ship air-freight or sea-freight.


Your new pooltable is completely insured against ANY damage during transport on any of our shipments. 


For US & Canadian customers, professional installation by one of our expert billiard installers is included in the shipping prices on the shipping chart.

How BIG is my shipment:

Each Pool Table is custom finished when ordered, shipped to you, and assembled in your home or business by one of our professional billiards table installers.

Your shipment will arrive to you in 2 wooden crates weighing a total of 1,600 lbs (727kg)
105" Long x 50" Wide x 36" High (267cm L x 127cm W x 91cm H) 
54" Long x 64" Wide x 36" Tall (137cm L x 163cm W x 91cm H)