Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer rentals?  
Can you make me a custom car pool table out of another car?
How do the lights work?
The pool table plugs into a regular house floor or wall outlet.
Can I roll the pool table on the wheels? 
No.  The tires are just for kicking when you miss a shot!
How long does it take to make once I order?
Average pool table takes 4-6 weeks.
Can you paint mine a different color?
Absolutely Yes.
What if I move later?
Call us and we’ll help arrange it with our local installers.
Weren’t you on TV? 
Lots of times – and in many newspapers and magazines through the years.
Do you offer payments or lay-a-way?
Call us!  We have a few options that may work for you.
Will it Fit through my Door?
Yes!  All of our Car Pool Tables come completely disassembled to fit through small doors, up and down stairs, and into basements and even attics.
How do the Lights work?
The pool table plugs into a regular wall or floor outlet just like a lamp! 
What colors of billiard cloth are available?
There is much more than green!  We stock about 20-30 different colors and styles of pool table felt. We are very happy to email you a felt color guide upon request!
How much room do I need for a car pool table?
Measuring for a pool table can be tricky. Our Car Pool Tables are roughly 10 feet long and 6 feet wide.  It is ideal to have at least 3 to 4 feet around the table.  Low items like Coffee Tables or Sofas can be closer if necessary as the pool cue can be played OVER the furniture. 
How much does a Car Pool Table weigh?
Our Car Pool Tables weight about 900 pounds.
How long will my felt last?
If the pool table is used daily for four to six hours you can expect your billiard cloth to last about 3-4 years. You can prolong the life of your cloth by brushing your table regularly and even using a small handheld vacuum is good to remove all of the chalk that settles into the cloth. Remember, keeping your pool table covered is the best way to protect and preserve your felt.
How do I brush my pool table?
The best way to brush your pool table is to stay in one direction. This will keep the nap of the cloth uniform. It is also okay to use a small handheld vacuum cleaner to help remove any chalk dust that has settled onto the slate bed. A lint roller is also a lifesaver for dark cloth colors or pet hair and is safe to use.
Is it okay to move my car pool table without taking it apart?
99% of the time the answer is “NO”! The only exceptions are in a situation where there is a large opening that the table can be moved out as a whole. You should still consult a professional before moving your pool table yourself. Even tables in these situations can be damaged if they are improperly man-handled.  If you ever need to move or relocate your car pool table, give us a call and we can help!
How long should my cushion rubber last?
Generally, 20-30 years, although some cushion rubber lasts longer. If the pool table has seen direct sunlight, cushion life will be greatly reduced.
How high should I hang my lamp above my pool table?
There should be 32-36” between the bottom of the lamp and cloth on the slate.
When should I replace my cue tip? (How can I prevent tears in my cloth?
You should check your cue tip regularly for wear. When the leather tip wears down to the thickness of dime it is time to replace it. By keeping your tip in good shape, you will not only get consistent play but also prevent small cuts in the cloth from miscues. 
Can I put a pool table upstairs?
Yes!  Many Car Pool Tables are placed upstairs. The pool table is probably as heavy as three or four big men.
What are billiard balls made of?
Modern, high-quality billiard balls are made of pure phenolic resin. Lower quality balls are made of polyester or other polymers. Resin balls last longer, clean easier, and prevent burn marks in billiard cloth. Ivory balls are extremely rare and have not been used for decades for ethical reasons.
What do I do? I spilled my drink on the pool table cloth!
Remember that prevention is key. You should not eat or drink near your pool table. But, if you do find yourself in this situation, act quickly. Absorb as much liquid as possible with clean dry paper towels. The longer the liquid sits, the more it will stain the cloth.  
How long does it take to…
Setup a new pool table?  Approximately 4 hours.
Move a car pool table from one house to another?  About 6-8 hours, not including drive time or flights of stairs.
Refelt a pool table?  About 2 hours.